The virgin mary lost her virginity

Did Mary lose her virginity to Matthew or Pamuk ?

The perpetual virginity of Mary is a Marian doctrine, taught by the Catholic Church and held by .. simply hold that (Mary) remained a virgin after the birth of Christ because Scripture does not state or indicate that she later lost her virginity" .

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An important historical document which supports the teaching of Mary's perpetual virginity is the Protoevangelium of James, which was written probably less.

Description:Catholics maintain that Mary was a virgin, not only before and during the conception of Jesus, but also afterward, for the rest of her life. But, was Mary a virgin for the totality of her life? Matthew is plain when he states: But what about after giving birth to the Savior? Also note that Matthew wrote his gospel account between A. Thus, if he had wanted the reader to understand that Mary was a virgin for all her life, surely he would have been very clear on that matter.

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